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Wednesday’s Weekly Reader: Fall Booklist Part 2

On 09, Oct 2008 | No Comments | In Animation, Book Design, Illustration, Inspiration, Typography | By Lorraine

I’ve been overwhelmed with the number of great books that just keep popping up…that, and I realized I’d forgotten a few on last week’s list. Hence the continuation. But before I get going, an important announcement: It Came!

Thanks iLT!

This past weekend, I got the book I won from Johno over at iLT: Designing Books. It’s marvelous! And the first book on the Fall Booklist I can cross off for reading. So now, without further ado: part 2.

More Books:

  • I can’t believe I forgot to post this one last week: Animation Podcast announced that Eric Goldberg has come out with a great book, Character Animation Crash Course!, detailing how to animate for character animation. Complete with sample reels on an included disc, it sounds like it’ll be a great resource for any artist: animator or otherwise.
  • Spatium profiled a book chronicling the work of Hermann Zapf: Alphabet Stories is published in English and German and is available from Linotype.
  • The NY Times reported on two inspiring book cover designs this past week: Harper Perennial’s Olive Editions and The Good Thief. I haven’t added either to my list yet, but want them on my shelf for eye-candy.
    Courtesy of NY Times
  • Finally Chronicle Books’ blog profiled the children’s books designed and illustrated by Paul Rand. Might make a good baby gift for your designer friends (or Christmas gift for myself 😉 ).

On a related note: