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Wednesday’s Weekly Reader: Typography

On 06, Nov 2008 | No Comments | In Animation, Book Design, Inspiration, Typography, Web Design | By Lorraine

Welcome to blog post 1 of NaBloPoMo! (Yesterday’s doesn’t really count.) So as I combed through my feed-reader, from the past couple of weeks a lot of really great posts stood out. But since I need to narrow things down and generally like to group them into a theme, I’ve picked all of the great type related posts that stood out to me. I should preface this with just a general recommendation to head over to Johno’s iLoveTypography and check out his Sunday Type posts: always quality stuff so check it out!

For the home and closet:

For the love of Fraktur:

Braille is typography too:

  • And quite beautiful when used in product design such as on these wine labels spotted on SwissMiss:
    Via SwissMiss

Type on the Web:

  • I just Stumbled upon WriteSomething today:
    Courtesy of Writesomething
    Looks like a cool project and has a certain appeal as far as being a site totally composed of large type…
  • Jon Tan has an excellent article on using @font-face for embedding fonts on the web…just wish I had an opportunity to use it…
  • design:related reports that Hulu has posted a collection of Sesame Street’s animated shorts on counting. Awesome typography in a lot of them, but where is 12??
  • Coudal recently linked to a scanned in book of Hand-lettering from 1927: beautiful! (and not the first of these I’ve seen floating around recently…and I’m not complaining!)
    By Samuel Welo
And on a totally unrelated note, EVERYTHING a Designer Needs is definitely worth looking into. (via Design You Trust)

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  1. Some good finds. Like the blah cushion. Thanks for the mention too.

  2. Great post Lorraine! I’m kind of nervous showing my face around here, considering I haven’t posted my pictures of Nürnberg. Soon and very soon, they’ll be up. Thanks for sharing the “EVERYTHING a Designer Needs”, it is full of resources.


  3. Lorraine

    @MP: ha! Fear not, I won’t run you out! Aber ein Paar Photos wäre schön wann du Zeit hast… 😉

  4. Sicher. Diese Wochenende, ich gelobe.