Hello again!

Well, I officially handed over the reigns of Social Networking Chair to the Kansas City AIGA chapter last week. On one hand, I am really going to miss it: it’s been a great year of learning, meeting people, and getting involved. Through my tenure, I am very proud to say that AIGA KC has been looked to by other AIGA chapters as the standard of how to do social networking “right.” I met so many wonderful people both through the Kansas City board and across the country through our outreach efforts. So a huge thanks to everyone involved: you made it a wonderful experience!

On the other hand, it has been an incredibly busy time the past couple of months as I tried to juggle my Chair duties with preparing for a cross-country move, looking for a job, and getting adjusted to a new city. So that said, I fully intend to spend all of my new-found “free-time” to focus my efforts here and on my twitter feed. While I will continue to update both with inspiration and personal news, I also plan on incorporating some features I used to post on @aigakc and the KC Discussions blog: most importantly, links to other designers I find inspiring and guest posts/interviews such as my most recent one with Jason Schwartz. So get excited, because big things are ahead!