Wednesday’s Weekly Reader: Poster Designers

Seeing American Artifact recently really made me want to add to my concert poster design collection. So for this week’s Weekly Reader, I thought that I would share a few of the designers who are on my wish list. (You also might want to keep this handy if you intend to shower me with gifts some day…just kidding.) As with last week, I’ll let the work speak for itself: too bad there just aren’t enough walls to hang everything.

site | blog | they are obviously a favorite of mine

Hammerpress Spoon Poster

Hammerpress !!! Poster

Delicious Design League
site | blog
(Plus, they are just all-around great guys! They gave me a tour of Chicago when I was a college student and still remembered me 3 years later. Oh, and Jason has an adorable little baby boy…but that’s neither here nor there.)

Delicious Design League Poster 1

Delicious Design League Poster 2

The Bird Machine
(After writing about Jay Ryan, who signed my book at American Artifact, I thought I’d include some of their actual work this post.)

Jay Ryan Art Prostitute

Jay Ryan Pelican

Of course, all images are taken from the artists’ sites and are copyrighted by them.