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In Design Life
New Work

By Lorraine

New Work Up on Flickr

On 13, Mar 2009 | No Comments | In Design Life, New Work, Updates | By Lorraine

(TxT) Desktop Wallpaper

(TxT) Desktop Wallpaper

Whew! I just finished uploading some samples of my interactive work to the Flickr page including the above Desktop Wallpaper for the (TxT) Campaign. Once that was finished, I spent I don’t know how long trying to make Pictobrowser work on the Portfolio page here. After much frustration, I gave up and used FlickrSlider: it’s not as pretty, but at least it’s working. Check it out (and let me know if you notice any trouble getting it to load).

More work should be cropping up over the next few days, and I’m finally making headway on a redesign of the site: get excited! I am!


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Wednesday’s Weekly Reader

Another week’s worth of great stuff on the web, but first an Fantasy Olympics update: it seems that despite a good start, Austria has slipped to the bottom. Alas!

Re-visiting the Orphan Works Bill debate:
I first posted about this issue here and here, and now Etsy’s Storque puts the debate up to their readers. 

Great Resources:

  •  If you’re like me and always hoping to brush up on more webdesign skills, WebChicklet posted a great resource list for learning CSS. (via swissmiss)
  • SpeakUp! just posted an awesome review of the book Dear Lulu. Designed by design students in Germany, the book is essentially a test to see how well the digital on-demand service could print everything from half-tones to colors and how well the piece was trimmed and bound. Sweet idea and well designed:
    via SpeakUp!
  • For those art history nerds like me, check out Nancy Stock-Allen’s well-designed History of Graphic Design site for class notes. (also via swissmiss)  
  • And finally, if you love Sprint’s Speed of Light campaign and want to do your own light drawings, check out Light Doodles for a gallery and how-to. (Thanks, Linden!)

Pure eye-candy:

  • Shadows Never Sleep reinvents the picture book for your iPhone (or iPod Touch!)…via Coudal
    Courtesy of aya natalia karpinska
  • And in honor of my upcoming post series on animation, this gorgeous snippet of a short from Carlos Lascano: A Short Love Story is one of the most beautiful pieces of stop motion in a long time. (also via Coudal)
    Courtesy Carlos Lascano 
I think that about sums it up! I’ll be posting about Wall•E later this week and hope to follow that up with some more animation-related posts.

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