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The latest on new projects, current reads, and recent design events and happenings.

What a Difference a Year Can Make

2nd May 2013 by Lorraine

A year ago at this time, I blogged about starting my own company. As I pursued this dream, I not only gained valuable insight into running my own business, but I also gained a newfound sense of self. It is incredibly empowering to set high goals for yourself and to systematically achieve them… And I found myself changed by the experience.

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Know Yourself: 6 Lessons From 6 Months

19th October 2012 by Lorraine

October marks the 6 month anniversary of striking out on my own as a freelancer. The past few months have been an amazing experience. Surprisingly, I’ve learned more about myself than I would have predicted. Here I share 6 lessons every designer (not just freelancers) should learn.

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Flying Solo: A Report From the Other Side

7th May 2012 by Lorraine

If you follow me on twitter, chances are you saw my announcement mid-March that I would be leaving Thermos to pursue my own business. It was a difficult decision: made after a lot of thought and planning. But I knew this was the right choice to make when the pieces started falling into place. So after working on my own for the past month, here are four observations on flying solo.

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